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Our sales department is the engine that drives our organization. C7's sales department is composed by Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, Regional Supervisors, Sales Representatives, and Trade Marketing Experts. Read More
Logistics & Distribution
At C7 Global, we are firm believers that technology is the resource that aids us in the process of integrating the efforts of all departments with the purpose of serving our customers with the fastest response time and accuracy. Read More

Smoochie Soft
Toilet paper & baby wipes
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Smart Kitchen
Disposable plastic plates, cutlery, napkins & paper towels
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Heavy Kitchen
Trash bags & food storage bags
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Disinfectants and multipurpose cleaners
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Premium paper towels
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Disposable plates & to-go containers
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Sip Disinfectant
Disinfectant and Multipurpose Cleaner
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Sip Dish Washing Cream
Dish Washing Creams
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Redi Wipes
Disinfecting Wipes
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Dog Can
Dog Food
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Premium Toilet Paper
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C7 Global en vias de expansión
Impulso a los jóvenes que fundaron a C7 Global.
La crisis económica fue la inspiración para dos jóvenes boricuas que hace cinco años comenzaron una empresa de desarrollo y distribución de marcas económicas que hoy tiene sobre 100 productos y emplea a 22 personas. Read More